Beaches of Catania - Riviera dei Ciclopi Aci Trezza
Last updated: 15 November 2021

The 10 most beautiful beaches of Catania: where dreams fly free!

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The beaches of Catania lull dreams and caress desires. Which are the Catania beaches where you absolutely have to sink your bare feet?

The beaches of Catania, with their crystalline waters and unique colors, they lull dreams and caress desires. The intense scent of salt invades the air and the call of the sea is stronger than the legendary Sirens of Ulysses.

Which beaches should you soak your feet and free your mind of thoughts so you can feel carefree? Here are the most beautiful beaches of Catania.

The 10 most beautiful beaches of Catania

Here begins your journey to discover the most enchanting beaches of Catania, the city on the eastern coast of Sicily that alternates sandy shores with the typical dark beaches of sand and volcanic stone. Mt. Etna, moreover, neither sleeps nor is silent. You will see, destination after destination, your heart will be more and more surprised and eager. Let’s start!

  1. The Playa of Catania
  2. La Riviera dei Ciclopi in Aci Trezza (Cyclops Riviera)
  3. La Riviera dei Ciclopi in Aci Castello (Cyclops Riviera)
  4. Foce del Simeto beach (Mouth of the river Simeto)
  5. Torre Pozzillo beach
  6. Praiola beach in Giarre
  7. Mulino beach in Acireale
  8. Fondachello beach
  9. Santa Tecla beach
  10. Santa Maria la Scala beach

1. The Playa of Catania

Beaches of Catania - Playa di Catania

This is the iconic Catania beach: 18 kilometers of golden expanses, in some periods darkened by the characteristic volcanic dust. The sea on one side, majestic Mt. Etna on the other.

Along the Playa of Catania you can really find everything: free beaches, private and equipped beaches, campsites, games for adults and children and even cafes and discos. Here everything is lively!

2. La Riviera dei Ciclopi in Aci Trezza (Cyclops Riviera)

Beaches of Catania - Riviera dei Ciclopi Aci Trezza

A Protected Nature Reserve , with deep blue waters in which the iconic black stacks stand out. Yes, they are the very ones which – according to legend – the Cyclops Polyphemus hurled against Ulysses.

The Riviera dei Ciclopi will surprise you with its dreamlike colors, beautiful marine fauna and rocky coast. In order to lie down comfortably in the sun to enjoy this natural spectacle, you can take advantage of the convenient wooden platforms.

3. La Riviera dei Ciclopi in Aci Castello (Cyclops Riviera)

Beaches of Catania - Riviera dei Ciclopi Aci Castello

Going along the wonderful Riviera dei Ciclopi, there is another stop you must enjoy: Aci Castello. The name derives from the presence on the coast of the ancient Norman Castle , surrounded by an unprecedented landscape of sandy beaches and volcanic rocks.

A must see.

4. Foce del Simeto Beach (Mouth of the River Simeto)

Located in the Simeto Oasis Nature Reserve, the long white beach is located south of Catania and will surprise you with its natural spectacle. Ideal for families or for a relaxing day, it is the place where you can also enjoy unforgettable naturalistic excursions.

5. Torre Pozzillo Beach

Beaches of Catania - Torre Pozzillo Beach

Pozzillo is a quaint little town in Catania, a stop that we recommend you plan during your Sicilian trip. Here, the fine gravel beach will take your breath away, with a beautiful coastal tower and the well-known mineral spring.

6. Praiola Beach in Giarre

Beaches of Catania - Praiola beach in Giarre

One of the most evocative landscapes you can enjoy! Praiola Beach in Giarre is known and loved for its volcanic sand, with its dark color and unusual charm. The blue and crystalline waters are an irresistible attraction.

7. Mulino Beach in Acireale

Beaches of Catania - Mill Beach

Along the cliff of the Timpa, you can find a corner of paradise. Mulino Beach, in Acireale, is a spectacle of fine and golden sand, lapped by an incredible crystalline sea.

The Mediterranean scrub embraces and protects this natural spectacle, which you can reach by following the path of the Scala d’Aci or from the village of Santa Maria la Scala.

8. Fondachello Beach

Beaches of Catania - Fondachello Beach

Do you love snorkeling? Fondachello Beach, with its deep seabed, is the ideal place to discover the natural wonders of Catania’s marine fauna. North of Catania, here you can find free beaches and private equipped beaches, pebbles and golden sand and an enchanting sea.

9. Santa Tecla Beach

Beaches of Catania - Santa Tecla Beach

It is small and rocky, its sea is of such an intense blue that it leaves you speechless. The beach of Santa Tecla is a characteristic place to spend a few hours of relaxation, carefree and with your hair in the breeze.

10. Santa Maria La Scala Beach

Beaches of Catania - Santa Maria la Scala Beach

Dotted with stones, some larger, some smaller, like a galaxy of stars, the beach of Santa Maria la Scala welcomes you with a particular and original atmosphere. Here, you can also visit the mythological cave of Palombe, the loving refuge of the shepherd Aci and the nymph Galatea.

Now your traveler’s notebook to discover the most beautiful beaches of Catania is ready. With your backpack on your shoulder and hat on your head, you just have to venture out. Enjoy discovering Catania!

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Beaches of Catania - Riviera dei Ciclopi Aci Trezza

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