Excursions on Mt. Etna that take your breath away

Do you want to discover the most authentic wonders of Etna? We recommend two wonderful excursions!

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

Mount Etna is one of the most beautiful and unique wonders of Sicily and all of Italy, with its ancient craters, indescribable landscapes, the signs of volcanic eruptions and peculiar vegetation. Discovering the most authentic beauties of Mt. Etna you will be able to have an experience that is truly capable of leaving you speechless and giving you memorable emotions.

Feel free to open your travel notebook and write down these two excursions that we are about to recommend: wonder will be your faithful adventure companion.

Excursion to discover the nature and flavors of Etna

Real lunar landscapes, with ancient craters and lava flows, the marks left over the years and a truly peculiar vegetation: in the escursione Etna Natura e Sapori, organized by Etna Tribe, you can enjoy the most authentic wonders that the volcano holds and offers. The guides will tell you the history and secrets of Etna, they will lead you to discover the ancient Silvestri Craters and the most recent eruptions of which the volcano has become the spectacular protagonist. And that's not all!

Etna excursions - Sicily

The excursion starts from the Sapienza Refuge, which is located on the southern slope of Etna at 1,920 meters above sea level, and can continue with a walk at 2,000 meters to discover one of the Etna Park Paths. Do you want to climb even higher? You have an alternative to this trekking route. Thanks to the Etna cable car you can reach an altitude of 2,504 meters in just 15 minutes and, if you want to push yourself even higher, the 4x4 jeeps will take you to the Torre del Filosofo, 2,900 meters above sea level.

And here, in front of you, a breathtaking scenery will open up: a landscape suspended over the sea, from which you can admire the central crater in all its majestic grandeur, the South-East crater and the lava flows that make the scenery unique and indescribable.

Etna excursions - Central Crater

Do you want to reach the living and beating heart of Etna? The Alpine Guides will lead you to the most vital area of the volcano, guaranteeing compliance with all safety regulations. From here the descent towards the slopes of the mountain begins but the adventure is not over yet. Equipped with a helmet and torch, you will visit a beautiful volcanic cave: the experience will be unique. Continuing on the way back, you will also stop at a typical organic production company, where you can delight yourself with a tasting of typical Etna products.

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Excursion to discover Etna and the medieval village of Taormina

If you love trekking, nature and culture, this is the excursion for you. Also suitable for families, the excursion of Etna and Taormina – once again organized by Etna Tribe - takes you to discover the territory and the history of Etna. It lasts two hours longer than the Etna Nature and Flavors excursion because it adds a stop that takes your breath away: Taormina.

Excursions to Mount Etna - Taormina

Your starting point is your B&B or your accomodation in Catania and from here the guides will take you by car to the Sapienza Refuge, 1,920 meters high and located on the southern side of the volcano. On the way you will stop at various points of interest to admire the lunar landscapes generated by volcanic eruptions over the years. When you arrive at the Sapienza Refuge, you can choose whether to marvel at a guided trekking route or to explore Etna at a high altitude. In the first case the Etna Tribe guides will lead you along one of the Etna nature trails and you will reach 2,000 meters above the sea level.

If you choose the second option, the Etna cable car will take you up to 2,504 meters in just 15 minutes and from here, 4X4 jeeps will take you up to 2,900 meters, where you will find the famous Torre del Filosofo. A unique landscape will open up in front of you, with the magnificent Central Crater, the South-East crater and the scenery made so peculiar by the historic lava flows. From here, the tour guides, in total safety, will take you to the liveliest and most vital part of Etna: now you will be speechless!

Etna excursions - Taormina Sicily

Whether you choose the trekking route or you decide to climb up to the Central Crater, equipped with a helmet and torch, you will continue the excursion with a visit to a characteristic lava flow cave. The experience will be truly unique.

Upon returning to the Sapienza Refuge, you will stop at a company that stands out for the organic production of typical Etna products: here you can delight yourself with the taste and discover our culinary traditions.

After this taste break, another show will take your breath away: the wonderful Isola Bella, a Nature Reserve that will captivate you with its wild landscape which you will reach through the thin strip of sand connected to the mainland.

Etna excursions - Isola Bella Sicily

Still in ecstasy, you will leave for Taormina, known and loved for its medieval village, the picturesque landscape, the ancient monuments, the shopping streets and the characteristic artisan shops. We will take you to discover the beautiful Porta Messina and Porta Catania, which close - downhill and uphill - Corso Umberto I, the main street of Taormina.

You will then continue the excursion to discover Taormina admiring its most important historical works: the Ancient Theater; Corvaja Palace; the Fortezza Cathedral, which is also the Cathedral of the city; the Badia Vecchia; the Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano; the Clock Tower and many other wonders. The excursion will take you to the heart of Sicily and will give you unique, unforgettable emotions.

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