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Last updated: 7 September 2023

What to see in Catania in a day: an itinerary to discover the city and its surroundings

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The perfect itinerary to see Catania in one day exists! We have collected more than 25 places to visit starting from the city centre.

Are you planning your next trip to Sicily and don't know what to see in Catania in a day? Or are you landing on your next flight in Catania and have decided to organise what to visit in a day? You've found the right guide!

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We of Ferrini Home we have come up with a perfect itinerary for visiting the city in a day, and already many of the guests of our flats and suites have followed these tips for seeing Catania at its best.

What to see in Catania in a day: 23 places to visit

Catania is a beautiful city, nestled in the foothills of Mount Etna (Europe's highest volcano where you can make excursions from Catania) and the rocky beaches of the coast, such as the Etna villages or the Faraglioni of Acitrezza. The historical centre is rich in palaces and churches of great value, but that's not all. Catania is also the home of Sicilian street food and culinary tradition, and the city's markets are an absolute must.

We will see now what to see in Catania in a day starting from the historic centre, where most of our facilities are located. We will accompany you on a virtual walk that will allow you to trace the perfect itinerary for visiting Catania stress-free.

Let's start with the list of places you absolutely must visit in Catania and then tell you someone's story in more detail:

1. Church of the Abbey of Sant'Agata

2. Piazza Duomo (Statue of the Elephant)

3. Cathedral of St. Agatha

4. La Pescheria

5. Address Spa

6. Diocesan Museum

7. Biscari Palace

8. Palace of Culture

9. Massimo Theatre V. Bellini

10. Basilica Collegiata S. Maria dell'Elemosina

11. University Building (University Square)

12. Bellini Museum

13. Ancient Theatre and Odeon

14. Giovanni Verga Museum

15. Ursino Castle

16. Benedictine Monastery

17. St Nicholas Church

18. Convent of the Cruciferous

19. Via Crociferi

20. Villa Cerami

21. Piazza Stesicoro

22. Roman Amphitheatre

23. Villa Bellini

This was the list of what to see in Catania in one day, so take notes and map out your route to see as much as possible. All the places of interest mentioned are located in the historical centre of the city.

We will now look at the main places of interest to visit in Catania and also talk a little about their history.

What to visit in Catania: 10 must-see places

Of all the great places to see in Catania, these 10 places of interest you simply cannot miss if you are looking for what to see in Catania in one day.

1. Church of the Abbey of Sant'Agata

catania cathedral
By i Fotokon, Adobe Stock Free

Our walk among the things to see in Catania in one day starts from the beating heart of the city, namely the Church of the Abbey of Sant'Agata. This church is the Cathedral of Catania and Saint Agatha is the patron saint of the city, who is celebrated in February with one of the largest religious festivals in Europe. Tours are also organised to climb the dome and see the city from above. If you are wondering what to see in Catania, this is definitely a place to start.

2. Piazza Duomo and the Elephant Fountain

By zigres, Adobe Stock Free

Cathedral square is the beating heart of the historical centre and its main square. Located at the meeting point of Via Etnea, Via Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Garibaldi, it is a crossroads ofart, culture and sociality. La Elephant Fountain is the symbol of the city of Catania. The inhabitants call this monument 'u Liotru' in Sicilian dialect.

3. The Fish Market

By Uladzik Kryhin, Adobe Stock Free

Arriving behind the beautiful Amenano Fountain, located on the southern side of Piazza Duomo, one begins to see one of the pulsating centres of the city: the Fish Market. It is not just a fish market, but a real experience. Scents and colours will captivate you. You will also be able to taste lots of street food prepared with the freshest fish and come into contact with the true soul of Catania.

4. Biscari Palace

Palazzo Biscari Catania
Palazzo Biscari, Catania, by Rabe!, 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

The Palazzo Biscari at the Marina is a real gem! It was built in the 17th century on the ruins of the old Palazzo Biscari, at the behest of the Paternò Castello family. Situated on the Walls built by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, it has always housed distinguished visitorsfrom Goethe, who visited the Prince of Biscari in 1787, to the English band Coldplay, who chose it as the set for the Violet Hill video in 2008. Palazzo Biscari is one baroque casket in the heart of the city and certainly among the things to see in Catania.

5. Massimo Theatre V. Bellini

tetro massimo bellini what to see in catania
By Derbrauni, WikiMedia

On the list of top things to see in Catania, you cannot miss the Massimo Theatre. It was inaugurated in 1890 with the Catanian composer's Norma Vincenzo Bellinito which it is dedicated. This is where the most important opera performances of Etna's capital city. It was built to a design by thearchitect Andrea Scala and is inspired by the French style of the Second Empire. Style that can be traced in theOpéra Garnier, Paris.

6. Bellini Museum

Palazzo Gravina (Museum-Belliniano) Catania
Palazzo Gravina Cruyllas in Catania, by Luca Aless, 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Continuing along the cultural route you will reach the Bellini Museum, in Piazza San Francesco. Located in the house where the Catanese composer was born, on the first floor of Gravina Cruyllas Palace. Inside, you can see various relics related to the life of Vincenzo Bellini and his family: including paintings, books, autographs, original scores, musical instruments and the composer's death mask.

7. Ancient Theatre and Odeon

Greek-Roman Theatre
By Archeo, Wikimedia

In the heart of its historical centre, Catania welcomes, within walking distance of each other, the Greek-Roman Theatre and theOdeon. The first was built in the 2nd century AD next to an existing structure from the Greek era. It could have housed up to 7,000 spectators and its marbles were used in the construction of St Agatha's Cathedral. Parts of the theatre have suffered copious damage with successive eruptions and earthquakes. The Odeon, on the other hand, is a semicircular structure that in Roman times hosted dance performances and concerts, and is still the venue for numerous summer shows.

8. Giovanni Verga Museum

casa museo verga what to see in catania in a day
By Iopensa, Wikimedia

Continuing to Via Sant'Anna, it is possible to visit, on the second floor of the building at number 8, the house in which the verist writer Giovanni Verga lived with the family. The building was bought and restored by the Region of Sicily when the last heir of the family passed away. In 1980, it was turned into a literary museum. Inside, the original furnishings are preserved, as well as the writer's library of around 2600 volumes and some copies of Verga's manuscripts.

9. Convent of the Cruciferous

Convent of the Crociferi Catania
Catania Chiostro Gesuiti, by Burgundo, 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5

Strategically located in the centre of the city of Etna is the majestic Convent of the Cruciferous Fathers. A fascinating place, built around 1770, whose dimensions fully reflect the importance that the Cruciferous Fathers held in the social fabric of Catania. Commissioned to be a place to house the Order, but also to perform all the typical rites of the Catholic religion. To this day, it is one of the most symbolic buildings visitable in Catania.

10. Villa Cerami

Villa Cerami Catania
Villa Cerami, Catania, by Triquetra, 2006, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Villa Cerami is today home to the Department of Lawbut was once the home of the Red family of Ceramiwhose name it now bears. Located at the end of Via Crociferi, it is still an unmissable place of interest in Catania and one of the most prestigious buildingsalso a legacy of the Baroque in Catania.

What to see in and around Catania: beyond the city!

Catania beyond the city! There is also more to see around Catania? Of course! The historic centre is beautiful, but there are also many nearby and easily accessible places to visit during a trip to Catania.

For example, we can only recommend a visit to the Faraglioni of Acitrezza, a coastal village where Verga set his novel The Malavoglia.

By Adobe Stock Free

The stacks of Acitrezza are a spectacle of nature and you can visit them departing from Catania because from the city centre they are easily accessible in approximately 15 minutes. Close to Acitrezza is another unmissable village, Aci Castello. It is a village characterised by a castle overlooking the sea. A truly impressive sight.

If, on the other hand, you are more fascinated by inland villages, Discover the Etnean countries. A few kilometres from the centre of Catania there are many villages on the slopes of Etna to visit, each with its own history and characteristic views. We recommend you visit: Zafferana Etnea, Nicolosi, Castiglione di Sicilia and Piedimonte Etneo.

Departing from Catania you can also take two day trips to visit unmissable places: the volcano Etna and Taormina. To find out how to get to these two beautiful places and what to see, take a look at our latest guides:

We are sure that after these tips and after discovering how many things there are to see in Catania, you can't wait to go!

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catania from above what to see

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