what to eat in catania typical dishes
Last updated: 1 February 2024

What to eat in Catania: 10 typical Catania dishes not to be missed

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What to eat in Catania for a true Sicilian experience? Discover typical Catania dishes, from classic street food to refined traditional dishes.

What to eat in Catania? This is the question all our guests ask us when they stay in the flats Ferrini Home in the heart of Cataniaone of the best eating cities in Sicily! LCatanese food and wine is a true world heritage site. Here, where culture is intertwined with gastronomy, every dish is a work of culinary art just waiting to be enjoyed by you.

In this guide you will discover with us the unmissable dishes of Catania, a gastronomic journey that will leave you with your mouth 'full': explore, taste and be surprised. Let us guide you on this gastronomic adventure, where we will reveal the secrets of the authentic flavours of this enchanting city. Are you ready to begin this unforgettable culinary journey?

What to eat in Catania: the 10 typical dishes

Are you ready to discover the 10 typical dishes that make Catania a must-visit destination for every culinary enthusiast? From seafood delicacies to age-old recipes and mouth-watering desserts, each dish is a journey in itself, a unique experience that will lead you to explore the deep essence of this fascinating city.

Let us discover the flavours that make Catania a true paradise culinary 👇🏻🍝

  1. Arancino
  2. Cipollina Catanese (Catania diner)
  3. Scacciata Catanese (Catanese dish)
  4. Horse meat and meatballs in Catania
  5. Iris from Catania
  6. Granita in Catania
  7. Caponata from Catania
  8. Olivette of Sant'Agata
  9. Pasta alla Norma catanese
  10. Catania Cannolo

1. Arancino

what to eat catania arancino

The arancino of Catania - arancina they say in Palermo - is the undisputed king of the typical Sicilian street food. Its shape celebrates theEtnaits taste is reminiscent of tradition. An icon of Sicilian cuisine, Catania's arancino is distinguished by its unmistakable taste and is a must for every tourist. You can savour this delicacy in many of the city's eateries, where every bite tells the story of Catania's culinary tradition. A word of advice: don't leave Catania without trying arancino in one of the historic rotisseries, discover the best ones here: Catania's Best Arancini Guide

2. Cipollina Catanese (Catania diner)

On the other hand, the spring oniona small puff pastry roll filled with onions, cheese, salsa e hamis ideal for a quick but unforgettable snack. These delicacies are readily available in the bakeries and in the diners in Catania, and offer a culinary experience that delights both local palates and those of travellers in search of authentic tastes.

3. Scacciata Catanese (Catanese diner)

Catania's scacciata

The scacciata is a jewel of Catania cuisine that reflects the authenticity and creativity of local flavours. The scacciata, a kind of stuffed focacciaIt comes in different variations: with potatoes and sausage, broccoli or 'drowned' cauliflower. Each bite is an explosion of Mediterranean flavours. You can find them in bakeries or bars that sell the typical Sicilian 'tavola calda or the "rustics' that is, all these pastry preparations typical of Sicily.

4. Horse meat and meatballs in Catania

Horse meat and meatballs in Catania

Catania is also known for its horse meat. There are many dishes that the city offers based on this type of meat, many horse butchers and many places where you can enjoy delicious recipes. Definitely try meatballs and catanese horse sausage! Le Catania horse meatballsin particular, are a dish worth trying. Prepared with minced horse meat, herbs and spices, these meatballs are often served with an onion and tomato salad, accompanied by homemade bread.

5. Catania iris

Iris is an exquisite dessert that originated in Palermo but is also typical of the city of Catania. An explosion of taste for this soft, fried, cream-filled dough pastry or chocolate cream. A must try! Perfect for a mouth-watering breakfast or an afternoon snack, Iris can be found in the best pastry shops in Catania.

6. Granita in Catania

granita what to eat in catania

La granita is the typical breakfast of the Cataneseone of those dishes that cannot be missing from your list of 'what to eat in Catania' . This icy delight comes in various flavours such as lemon, almond, strawberry, and of course pistachio. It is a real institution in Catania. Enjoy it in one of the many cafesaccompanied by a soft and fragrant brioche, strictly 'col tuppo'.

7. Caponata from Catania

caponata what to eat in catania

For a flavour that encapsulates the essence of Sicily, don't miss the caponata from Cataniaa harmonious mix of aubergines, tomatoes, olives and capers, seasoned with vinegar and sugar for a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It is a dish that will win you over at first taste, just like the Ferrini Home, where design and functionality come together to offer you maximum comfort.

8. Olivette di Sant'Agata and Minnuzze

what to eat in catania sweets

Saint Agatha is the patron saint of Catania and these sweets are a celebration of that. The minnows have a very ancient history. Tradition has it that, at a young age, Saint Agatha did not succumb to the flattery of the proconsul Quinziano and for this she had a breast torn off, which then inspired the shape of the well-known Catanese cake. The sweet, delicious tasteis made of sponge cake, sheep's milk ricotta and royal pastry with a red candied cherry to resemble a nipple. Even the olivettes are a sweet, which owes its name to its shape resembling that of an olive. A delicious sweet from Catania, based on a paste of almonds sugar-coated and coloured green.

9. Pasta alla Norma from Catania

what to eat in catania pasta norma

Are you looking for the Catania's most popular first course? It is the pasta alla norma. This dish, named after Vincenzo Bellini's famous opera, is a symphony of flavours: pasta wrapped in a fresh tomato sauce, fried aubergines, grated salted ricotta and basil. It is a recipe that tells the history and tradition of Cataniasimple but full of flavour. Discover this classic in one of the many restaurants in the centre, where culinary tradition blends with Sicilian hospitality.

10. Catania Cannolo

cannolo catanese

The iconic Sicilian dessert. The cannolo has a crunchy shell that envelops a soft, sweet cream made from sheep's milk ricotta. The wafer that crunches between your teeth is a fried pastry and, as many say, the ricotta cheese from Catania that fills it is the tastiest on the island. The cannolo is a must on your holiday in Catania.

Typical Catania food: try street food too!

The true spirit of Catania is also expressed through its street food. From crispelle stuffed with ricotta or anchovies fried, Etna's cheeses and cold cuts, Catania's street food is a gastronomic adventure to be experienced in every corner of the city. These dishes, simple but rich in flavour, reflect the vibrancy and authenticity of Catania.

Don't miss the catanese diner, which you can find everywhere in the city where you can sample a variety of these delicacies in a convivial and welcoming environment.

Remember, street food in Catania is more than just a meal: it is a way to connecting with the soul of the cityto live like a true Catanese. Every bite tells a story, every flavour is a memory that will stay with you. And after a day of culinary exploration, nothing is more relaxing than return to the comfort of a Ferrini Home 🏡

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Journey to discover Catania's typical food: choose Ferrini Home

Concluding this gastronomic journey, Catania turns out to be not only a culinary paradisebut also a city of charm and history. Every dish you have discovered is a tale of authentic traditions and flavours. And remember, to live the Catania experience to the full, choose Ferrini Home for your living room. The flats, located in the heart of the city, are the perfect starting point for exploring every corner of Catania and savouring its rich culinary offerings.

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what to eat in catania typical dishes

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