cathedral catania what to do in catania on holiday
Last updated: 11 October 2023

What to do in Catania: 10 activities different from the usual tourist itinerary

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Not relying on the usual itineraries, the Ferrini Home team recommends what to do in Catania on holiday to experience the city at its best!

If you are trying to understand what to do in Catania is probably because you are trying to organise your next holiday in one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of Sicily. 

We have decided to help you! Ferrini Home is a Catanian company that has been in the hospitality business for many years and thanks to our experience we can really recommend you many activities to do in Catania on holiday to experience this city at its best. 

In particular, we have come up with 10 activities that are perfect to answer your question: what to do in Catania on holiday?

We start with the list of 10 suggestions on what to do in Cataniasave them and then discover them one by one: 

  1. Morning tour of the Fish Market
  2. Visit to Verga's House
  3. Walk to discover street art
  4. Visit to the 'Fera o Luni'
  5. Tour of the 4 churches in Via Crociferi
  6. Visit to Castel Ursino
  7. Excursion to Mount Etna
  8. Visit to Acitrezza and Acicastello
  9. Promenade along the waterfront
  10. Gastronomic street food tour

We will now give you all the details on each of these 10 activities for an unforgettable Catania holiday. If you have yet to book your stay, we invite you to take a look at our flats Ferrini Homeare all in the historical city centre and within walking distance of major attractions. 

What to do in Catania: 10 ideas for those on holiday in Catania

Before we begin with all the information on the activities to do in Catania, we want to give you a piece of advice: always try to plan what to do first when you visit a new city. If you are going to coming on holiday to Cataniawe have already taken care of that. Just save this article or take notes. This itinerary has already been 'tested' by our guests who were able to have an unforgettable experience visiting the places most iconic of the city

Now we begin!

1. Morning tour of the Fish Market

what to do in catania the fish market
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No, we don't want you to go shopping, but to do a trip to the Fish Market in the historic centre is a what you absolutely must do in Catania. "La Pescheria"as it is called by the locals, is the main city fish market and is located right next to the square that houses the cathedral, so very central. The Fish Market is rich in history and tradition. You can lose yourself among the stalls where the owners will let you taste, savour and learn about the local specialities. In recent years, this area has been much revalued and is now full of places where you can eat typical fish dishes and more. Anyone who visits 'La Pescheria' can really breathe in the soul of Catania. 

📍Address: Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto, 95131, CT (daily from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. except Sundays)

2. Visit to the Verga House

Casa_di_Verga what to do in catania on holiday
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Another stop that tourist tours often do not make is to the Verga's House Museum. This historic mansion was the residence of the important Italian writer Giovanni Vergafamous for his works depicting Sicilian life. This is the casa where Verga spent his childhood and where he lived for long periods of his life. He composed some of his most famous works there. Today, after the restorationhas become a house museum A must-do in Catania. The house is an authentic time capsule that will let you discover more about Catania's cultural life. Thanks to this activity you will know what to do in Catania really special.

📍Address: Via Sant'Anna, 8, 95124 Catania CT

3. Street art in the San Berillo district

Ten years ago, we would never have advised our guests to visit this district, but now San Berillo is a must-see. The San Berillo district has been completely revalued and today is a real open-air museum thanks to the street art works by local artists. San Berillo is rising with a new vitality. The doors of former crime houses, once barred by the authorities, have become canvases for talented artists. Small squares have been transformed into magical places thanks to reclaimed lighting and street furniture. La central Piazza Goliarda Sapienza, dedicated to the famous writer born among these streets, is an example of this rebirth. San Berillo is now a place of creativity and hope and visiting it is a what to do in Catania on your next holiday

📍Address: District San Berillo Catania Centre

4. Visit to the 'Fera or Luni

The "Fera do Luni"Like the famous Pescheria, it is the city's most famous market. This market, one of the oldest in the city, opens its doors every day except Sunday to offer an extraordinary variety of products and wonders. The name 'Fera do Luni' draws on the historical roots and legends of the place and literally means '.Monday market"In fact, in ancient times, the market was only held on the first day of the week. It is a place where you can find everything and where you can take a dip in authentic catanese daily life to explore local traditions, discover genuine flavours and the warmth of Sicilian hospitality. 

📍Address: Piazza Carlo Alberto di Savoia Catania Centre

5. Visit to Castel Ursino

castello ursino catania
By WikiMedia: Matthias Holländer

Certainly, if you are on holiday and looking for what to do in Catania, we recommend a visit to the Ursino Castle. This impressive medieval fortress is located right in the heart of Catania and is one of the best examples of military architecture of the city. On a guided tour you can explore its imposing walls, moats and discover the history surrounding this fascinating place. Inside, there are often exhibitions interesting. But if you want to have a real Catania experience, you absolutely must eating horse meat specialities cooked in the restaurants located right on the square that houses the castle. Ah, there is also a fairly inexpensive kiosk opposite for a nice thirst-quenching 'lemon-salt seltzer'! 

📍Address: Federico di Svevia, 21, 95121 Catania CT (Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. - cost 11 euro approx.)

6. Tour of the 4 churches in Via Crociferi

Another thing to do in Catania is to visit via Crociferi, also known as 'street of churches'. In fact, in only one small street are four churches and three monasteries in less than 200 metrestestimony to Baroque architecture after the 1693 earthquake. The street offers a fascinating journey through Catania's art and history, with each church having its own unique story. Not to be missed for those visiting Catania in search of Baroque treasures, but also for those who simply want to know more about this beautiful city. At the end of this charming street is the entrance to Villa Ceramianother jewel to explore in Catania's fascinating urban fabric. Via Crociferi is an extraordinary testimony to the city's rich cultural and artistic heritage, a fascinating journey into the heart of Sicilian Baroque. Truly a gem!

📍Address:  Via Crociferi Catania Old Town

7. Excursion to Mount Etna

what to do in catania etna excursion
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Let us move away from the historic centre for a moment because if you are trying to understand what to do in Catania on holiday certainly can't miss a good excursion to Etna. Etna is one of the most extraordinary and unique jewels of Sicily and all of Italy, with its ancient craters, indescribable landscapes, signs of the volcanic eruptions and peculiar vegetation. However, to explore this magical place starting from the centre of Cataniait is essential to plan the route. To do this you can use the our guide dedicated: 🌋Etna excursions from Catania 

8. Visit to Acitrezza and Acicastello

If you have already seen the historic centre and don't know what to do in Catania, you can't miss the visit to Acitrezza and Acicastellotwo true gems on the Catanese sea. Aci Trezza and Aci Castello are two authentic pearls of the Sicilian coast, located a short distance from the charming city of Catania. You can admire the stacks of Acitrezza and visit the Norman Castle of Aci Castelloalso known as Castello di Aci, which dominates the square in Via del Porto from its privileged position atop a lava ridge. It is impossible to visit Aci Trezza or Aci Castello without taking a dip in their crystal-clear waters. The Lido dei Ciclopi is the most popular bathing area in the region, where you can enjoy the turquoise waters and cool off.

9. A stroll along the Ognina waterfront

Always staying by the sea but returning towards the historical centre of Cataniayou can't help but treat yourself to a walk and maybe even an ice cream on the Catania seafront. The most famous and beautiful area to visit is certainly the Ognina promenade. Today, thanks to its cycle path, has also become a popular place for cyclists. As you walk along the coast, you can enjoy the view of the sea, sit on one of the many benches to rest or treat yourself to an ice cream in one of the many historic cafés. In Neptune Square, you will find a basketball court and an outdoor sports area. A very special way to spend an afternoon in Catania as a true local. 

📍Address: Piazza Ognina Catania 

10. Gastronomic street food tour

street food catania
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If you are trying to understand what to do in Catania on holiday, you just can't miss this latest proposal: a gastronomic tour of typical Sicilian dishes and Catania street food. No visit to Catania would be complete without immersing yourself in the fabulous world of local street foodavailable at all hours, from dawn until late at night. The Catania street food has over time become a true cult, a culinary experience that reflects the unique character of the city. It will not be difficult to find restaurants, bar e street food stalls who prepare the delicacies of our cuisine. We recommend sampling traditional dishes at the markets in the old town or in the delicatessens. You absolutely must try theCatania Arancinobut also Cipollina and Pasta alla Norma with fried aubergines and baked ricotta cheese. 

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cathedral catania what to do in catania on holiday

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