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Last updated: 14 December 2020

Visiting Syracuse in 5 stops

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Do you want to visit Syracuse? We have selected for you, 5 unmissable stops: a guide of notes and ideas on the best places to visit.

In your experience as a traveller, you will no doubt have admired magical placesto ignite your imagination and win your heart. In order to relive the same sensations and feel the emotions that only a few special destinations can give you, there is one thing we absolutely suggest you do: visit Syracuse!

A guide of notes and ideas on the best places to visit in Syracuse

We are talking, in fact, about the only ancient city that gave the great Athens a run for its money, the place Plato identified as the right one to found his Ideal Republic.

A container of culturemythologyarttradition e landscapes that will make you fall madly in love with its beauty. We have selected, for you, 5 unmissable stagesa guide of notes and ideas on the best places to visit in Syracuse.

  1. Island of Ortigia
  2. Source Arethusa
  3. Ear of Dionysus
  4. Greek Theatre
  5. Temple of Apollo

Island of Ortigia

A Unesco World Heritage Site, Ortigia is the oldest part of Syracuse and is considered to be the oldest part of the city. among the most beautiful inhabited islands in the world.

The two bridges that support it and connect it to the mainland give way to a succession of temples and churches that will catapult you into a world of peace.historic and fascinating atmosphere. Ortigia, however, is also the centre of nightlife and events in the city of Arethusa.

Restaurants, bars and clubs, full of life, music and attractions, that will give a touch of exhilaration and freedom to your holiday.

Source Arethusa

A freshwater spring just a stone's throw from the sea, a mystery that will thrill you with its mythological origins.

It was Artemis, goddess of the hunt and of maidens, who enveloped Arethusa into a cloud and blew her hard towards Sicily, protecting her from the advances of the god Alphaeus. Near the sky of Ortigia, however, the cloud dropped the beautiful nymph and she turned into a spring of fresh water.

The suggestive and strategic location of the spring will also surprise you with a enchanting and breathtaking sea view.

Ear of Dionysus

As is often the case when visiting Syracuse, here is another site that will amaze you with its combines the charm of nature with that of legend. A cave that owes its name to Caravaggio, who was struck by the unique ear-cup shape.

The dedication to Dionysus, on the other hand, stems from the legendary talesIt is said, in fact, that the fearsome tyrant of Syracuse exploited the extraordinary acoustic characteristics of this place to intercept the plots of his prisoners. The cave, in fact, enjoys aexceptional acoustics and you will find it surprising how clear and impressive your voice will sound.

Greek Theatre

Right above the Ear of Dionysius, taking advantage of its fantastic sound propertiesstands the historic Greek Theatre of Syracuse. Built in the 5th century BC, it represents one of the greatest examples of Greek theatre architecture and, above all, it has the advantage of keeping its traditions alive. If you're lucky, you'll be able to come across the performance of plays and tragediesstill offered within this magical context.

Temple of Apollo

Take a breath, there's still history to be breathed. This time thanks to the Sicily's oldest Doric stone temple. Over the centuries, the Temple of Apollo has undergone various transformations: from a Byzantine church, to an Arab mosque, to even becoming a Spanish barracks. Its vision, in fact, exudes indelible emotions and lead your imagination into the many lives and stories it has witnessed.

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Visit Syracuse

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