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Where was Vanina filmed: location itinerary for the TV series

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Where did they shoot 'Vanina', the new TV series set in Catania? We have collected all the main locations of the series for you to visit.

In the beating heart of Catania, our city rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes, the new Mediaset TV series 'Vanina - Un vicequestore a Catania'.

La TV series 'Vanina' is not only a fascinating journey through mysteries and investigations, but also a tribute to the city of Catania, whose locations serve as an evocative backdrop to the events narrated.

Whether you are a fan of television series, a lover of Sicilian beauty or simply curious to discover where they filmed 'Vanina'The following article will guide you through the streets, squares and secrets of a Catania which becomes, episode after episode, more and more the protagonist.

A voyage of discovery that Ferrini Home is proud to accompany, offering hospitality and an unforgettable experience in the heart of a city. The flats Ferrini Home are the ideal starting point for exploring Catania and its wonders, just like the protagonists of 'Vanina'.

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But now we begin to find out more about the locations of the series!

Vanina: the TV series filmed in Catania

This Mediaset production, broadcast from Wednesday 27 March on Channel 5recounts the intricate stories of Giovanna 'Vanina' Guarrasiplayed by the talented Giusy Buscemi, former Miss Italy, who, after having distinguished herself in the Antimafia in Palermo, finds herself heading the homicide squad of the Mobile in Catania.

The series is part of the crime crime genre and the story is inspired by the novels by Cristina Cassar Scalia. Since the first episode there has been a ratings boom and many have already expressed their enthusiasm for this series, which not only offers suspense and gripping investigations, but also completely immerses itself in the unique atmosphere of Catania.

Most of the location where they filmed the TV series are easily accessible from our Ferrini Home flats so we thought of an itinerary to discover the most beautiful places in the series, which are also among the Catania's main attractions.

Vanina locations: 9 locations to visit

In the 'Vanina' series, many views of the city are shown, paying homage to the complexity and beauty of Catania. I locations where 'Vanina' was filmed offer a fascinating journey through the wonders of Catania, a city that with its baroque and breathtaking views becomes the protagonist along with the characters of the series.

Let's discover together some of the location that have acted as background to the events of this exciting TV series.

1. Piazza Vincenzo Bellini

piazza bellini vanina series catania.
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La first stop of the 'Vanina' series site tour cannot but begin with the Piazza Bellini where most of the episodes are set as it is the home of the Commissariat. This square, the beating heart of Catania's cultural life, is dominated by the imposing presence of the Teatro Massimo Bellini. Inaugurated in 1890, the Massimo Bellini Theatre is one of the most fascinating places in the city. To visit it is not only to witness top-class performances, but also to discover a jewel of architecture and art, a place where time seems to stand still within its walls adorned with history and craftsmanship. Piazza Bellini is a stop everyone should make in Catania, not just TV series lovers.

2. Piazza del Duomo in Catania and Cathedral of Sant'Agata

catania cathedral where they filmed vanina
Photo by AdobeStock

At the centre of city life, Cathedral square enchants with its imposing Cathedral dedicated to St Agatha, patron saint of the city. The episodes of 'Vanina' which see this square as a backdrop, tell of a historical and majestic Catania, symbol of a timeless artistic and cultural heritage. Positioned at the intersection of the main streets - Via Etnea, Via Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Garibaldi - this square proves to be a veritable hub of art, culture and social life. At its centre towers the Elephant Fountain, authentic symbol of Catania, affectionately nicknamed 'u Liotru' by the inhabitants in Sicilian dialect, testifying to the deep bond that unites the city to this historical monument.

3. Via Vittorio Emanuele

via vittorio emanuele catania
Photo by AdobeStock

In the Vanina' series is often seen on one of the main streets of the city: Via Vittorio Emanuele II. Via Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the most significant arteries in Catania, running through the historical heart of the city from the maritime area, starting in Piazza dei Martiri, to the western part of the city, ending in Piazza del Risorgimento. This street, formerly known as Strada Reale, is distinguished by the presence of countless monuments and symbolic places that tell Catania's rich history.

4. Via Etnea

Another main artery in the city of Catania is Via Etnea who appears several times in the TV series 'Vanina'. Via Etneathe beating heart of Catania's historical centre, stretches for about 2.8 km, from the imposing Tondo Gioeni to Piazza Duomo. This street, characterised by its characteristic lava stone paving from Etna, becomes a lively pedestrian precinct in the section between Piazza Duomo and Quattro Canti. From Via Etnea you can also access Villa Bellini, Catania's city park. Today, Via Etnea is full of shops and restaurants.

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5. Ursino Castle

ursine castle where vanina is filmed
Photo by Adobestock

The Ursino Castle, one of Catania's historical jewels, is a monument that tells centuries of fascinating history. Built at the wish of Frederick II of Swabia and designed by Riccardo da Lentini, its construction began in the 13th century and was completed around 1250. Today, the Ursino Castle serves as setting for cultural events and hosts the prestigious Civic Museum of Catania.

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6. University Square

University Squarelocated in the heart of Catania along Via Etnea and a few steps from Piazza Duomo, welcomes the back of Palace of the Elephants (another place shown in 'Vanina'), current municipal seat, and Palazzo Cilestri, dating back to the second half of the 18th century. Today it also houses an office of the University of Catania. As one of the city's most central locations, it is often shown in the TV series.

7. Aci Trezza, Aci Castello and the beaches

vanina beaches series
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The 'Vanina' series was also filmed in beautiful locations around Catania by the sea, although there are several beaches that are framed in the series. Aci Trezza e Aci Castello are two small, charming villages located on the east coast of Sicily a few kilometres north of Catania. These localities are particularly known for their natural beauty, rich history and legends that surround them, making them attractive destinations for tourists and locals alike. In addition to these two gems, 'Vanina' is also filmed on the Catania seafront Ognina and the Playathe seaside area of the city.

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8. Acireale: Villa 'La limonaia'

Moving a little outside Cataniamore precisely at Acireale (about half an hour from the city centre) we find the wedding location in an episode of the series 'Vanina', i.e. Villa La Limonaia.

Villa La Limonaia is an elegant neoclassical-style residence surrounded by a park that is a veritable paradise. However, this villa is not the first time it has been used as a set. In fact, even the renowned film director F.F. Coppola decided to use it as the set for some of the most memorable scenes of his cinematic masterpiece 'The Godfather', thus confirming the artistic and cultural value of this enchanting residence.

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