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Last updated: 12 April 2024

The 10 most beautiful beaches of Catania sea (+1 Bonus) and surroundings

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Catania's sea offers so many wonderful beaches. Discover our 10 (+ one bonus tip) favourites that you can't miss!

The beaches of the Catania sea area are among the most beautiful in the Eastern Sicily. You can find all kinds of beaches, crazy landscapes, sand, rocks, family beaches or small unspoilt beaches. If you are on holiday in Catania and you feel like enjoying a bit of the sea there are many beautiful beaches where it can be done.

🌊 In this guide we have collected the 10 beaches in Catania sea and surroundings that you just can't miss, the staff Ferrini Home always recommend visiting these beaches to fully experience the beauty of the Sicilian sea. In fact, from our comfortable flats in the centre of Catania you can quickly reach the Popular Catanese beaches, the playa of Catania (bathing area of the city) and other beaches to be discovered.

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Catania sea: the 10 most beautiful beaches

We will explain step by step all the characteristics of the best beaches in and around Catania Mare so you can choose the one best suited to your needs. You'll see, there is something for everyone.

  1. The Playa of Catania (Catania Beach)
  2. Acitrezza and Acicastello
  3. San Giovanni Licuti beach: the black beach
  4. Capo Mulini: beach with lidos and fish restaurants
  5. Pozzillo Beach
  6. Beach near Catania: Ognina
  7. Santa Tecla Beach
  8. Santa Maria La Scala
  9. Isola Bella: beaches around Catania
  10. Fondaco Parrino (beach near Catania and Taormina that only locals know)

For each Catania beach sea and surroundings we will also show you how to get there. The last one we recommend hardly anyone knows it but it is beautiful!

1. La Playa di Catania (Lidi Catania mare)

catania sea playa

The Playa in Catania is the city beach par excellence. It stretches for well 18 kilometres long the east coast of Sicily. It is the perfect beach for those who want to spend days in the sun and have fun. La playa of Catania is particularly suitable for families with childrenbecause it is full of organised establishments. For the sportsmenbeach volleyball courts and other sports are available. The Playa in Catania also hosts concerts and major events in Cataniaincluding One Day Music and Revolution Day, celebrated on 1 May. The most famous lidos on the Catania beach are: Le piramidi Catania, La cucaracha Catania and Lido le Capannine.

📍 How to get there: By car from the centre of Catania, the Playa can be reached in a few minutes. It can also be reached by city bus line D (for timetables see the official page of AMTS Catania).

The entire beach is bordered by several lidos. There are three free beaches, while the others charge a fee. Among these we recommend the lido Cucaracha, the Pyramids Catania (very close to the first), and the Le Capannine Lido which, of all, is the furthest from the centre.

✨ 🌊 BONUS TIP: if you are looking for a lido in Catania sea very close to the city centre and the station, we recommend the Lido Scogliera d'Armisialso known as the Station Lido. It is only open in summer and is only frequented by locals, and is an oasis of tranquillity to enjoy the Catania sea without stress!

2. Beautiful beaches in Catania: Acitrezza and Acicastello

acitrezza acicastello beaches catania sea

Near Catania, along the coast that hugs the Ionian Sea, are two of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily: Aci Castello and Aci Trezza. These places are not only beautiful, but are a  Protected Nature Reservewhere you can admire the iconic black stacks. The beaches are equipped with walkways where you can relax and enjoy the Sicilian sun. Bars and restaurants are a short distance away, ready to offer refreshment after a day of sun and sea.

In addition, to Acicastellothe Norman castle, which gives its name to the municipality, dominates the landscape from its lava ridge and today houses the Museo Civico, so after the sea you can also pay a visit to this place of historical interest in Catania.

📍 How to get there: by car from the centre of Catania the Playa can be reached in a few km (10 km to Acicastello and 14 km to Acitrezza). It can also be reached by bus (for timetables see the official AMTS Catania page).

BONUS ADVICEHire a canoe and take a nice ride in the crystal-clear waters around Lachea Island. Don't forget your diving mask, you will thank us.

3. San Giovanni Li Cuti beach: the black beach

La San Giovanni Li Cuti beachlocated in the city of Catania, offers a unique experience for those who wish to enjoy the sea without straying too far from the city centre. It is very convenient to reach and has a very special charm, the black stones. San Giovanni Li Cuti is a free beach, characterised by a mix of sand and dark volcanic rocksunique and the result of marine erosion and local volcanic activity. The real spectacle, however, is at the sunsetwhen the sea and the cliffs are tinged with warm colours and the view of the city changes with the twilight lights.

📍 How to get there: located 3 km from the centre of Catania. It is also easily reached by public transport.

4. Capo Mulini: beach with lidos and fish restaurants

catania sea capomulini

La Cape Mulin beachi, about 800 metres long, is characterised by sand e cliffs of volcanic origin. This stretch of coastline not only provides a fascinating landscape. The natural harbour adds a picturesque touch to the location and is full of restaurants preparing fresh fish and other traditional dishes from Catania (with set menus that cost very little). On a promontory stands the Sant'Anna Toweran ancient 16th-century fortification transformed into lighthouse.

📍 How to get there: From Acireale, a town a few kilometres from the centre of Catania, proceed for about 4 km following the signs for Capo Mulini along the SS 114. It is possible to reach Capo Mulini by bus from Acireale.

5. Pozzillo Beach

Pozzillolocated along the east coast of Sicily in the municipality of Acireale, is a seaside resort that enchants with its tranquillity and natural beauty it offers, ideal for those seeking a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 400-metre-long Pozzillo beach alternates between areas of sand grainy to cliffs of lava origin. The name Pozzillo derives from the "Pozzillo Toweran observation tower located on one of the rocky ends of the village.

📍 How to get there: by car is about 25 km from Catania via the A18 motorway. From Acireale centre it can also be reached by bus.

6. Ognina Beach

Ognina is the waterfront of the city of Catania. You can go for walks, there are many lidos with restaurants and it is the ideal area for those who want to doing sport in Catania. The Marina di Ogninaan enchanting corner of the sea, is home to numerous solarium (but only in summer). These structures, located above the cliff, offer the possibility of sunbathing comfortably and direct access to water.

📍 How to get there: is located just 4 km from the centre of Catania. It can also be reached by bus (for timetables see the official AMTS Catania page).

7. Santa Tecla Beach

St. Thecla is a quiet seaside resort in the municipality of Acireale in Sicily and extends for 800 metres along the picturesque east coast. This is the hidden jewel between the beaches of Catania and its surroundings. La Santa Tecla beach offers a fascinating mix of rocks and small covesperfect for diving. For those who prefer sand, there is a small black gravel beachequipped with rental services and a bathing establishment, offering a comfortable alternative for relaxing in the sun.

📍 How to get there: can be reached by car from Acireale in 4 km following the signs for Santa Tecla along the SP 2. The distance from Catania is 23.5 km.

8. Santa Maria La scala

Santa Maria La Scala is an evocative seaside resort in the province of Catania. This beach is an ideal destination for anyone wishing to enjoy the sea in tranquillity. Located in the famous Riviera of Lemonsalso known as the Riviera of the Cyclopes, Santa Maria La Scala It shares the coast with nearby towns such as Aci Castello and Aci Trezza, which we have already mentioned and which can be visited in one day. Perfect for families and groups of friends, this resort promises a a day of pure relaxation and funsurrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Sicily.

📍 How to get there: by car it is necessary to drive about 19 km along the SS 114 from Catania.

9. Isola Bella: beaches around Catania

beautiful island catania sea beaches

Isola Bella is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting beaches in Taormina and the whole of eastern Sicily. The 800-metre-long beach of Isola Bella is famous for its grainy sand and the cliffs that frame it. Accessible only via a staircase. The beach offers various activities: from boat trips to explore the nearby Blue Grotto to the rental of aquascooter.

📍 How to get there: via the A18 motorway from Catania you can reach Taormina and Isola Bella in less than an hour. It can also be reached by the Interbus company bus (for timetables see the official Interbus page).

BONUS ADVICE: While you're in the area, here what to see in Taormina in a day.

10. Fondaco Parrino beach: recommended by locals

Our advice as true locals is to visit the Fondaco Parrino beach. This beach is also near Taormina, but is easily reached from Catania. It is a little-known beach (or better known only to locals) where parking is easy to find and there is plenty of space. In recent years they have also opened nice and very quiet beaches. Moving along the coast you can also reach some saltwater ponds really impressive.

📍 How to get there: via the A18 motorway from Catania can be reached in about an hour. It can also be reached by the Interbus company bus (for timetables see the official Interbus page).

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