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Last updated: 12 October 2023

Sport in Catania: what to do? Adventures and fitness even on holiday

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If you don't want to give up physical activity and adventures on holiday, here you will find all the information about sports in Catania.

You are looking for information on the sport in Catania why you can't give up some physical activity even on holiday? Don't worry, we have tant sports activities to recommend from the more classic to the more adventurous such as the skydiving or the windsurfing.

If you are planning your next holiday in Catania, we can recommend staying in one of our flats Ferrini Home to experience a authentic experience in the heart of the city without giving up your daily dose of sport. We are sure that there is no shortage of sport in Catania and if you want to experience an adventure, you will be in the right place. Many of our guests love practising sports here in Catania, which offers quite classic proposals such as gyms, running or cycling, up to really extreme proposals such as parachuting, volcano trekking or windsurfing.

Let us now discover the world of sport in Catania and which sports addresses are recommended.

Sport in Catania: where to go running or cycling?

When one of our Ferrini Home guests asks us for a place to practice sport in Catania as the running or the bicycle we are very happy to provide the right advice. Doing sport in Catania also means doing it outdoors or even better overlooking the sea.

sports in catania waterfront race

In fact, we always recommend going for a run or a bike ride on the Lungomare Ognina in Cataniavery close to the historic centre. The promenade is very close to the city centre, but it is an oasis of peace and serenity perfect for those who want to run or do any other outdoor sport.

Looking out over the sea, you can also take a bike ride in complete safety because there is a wide bike path. La Catania's seafront cycle path is 2.2 km long and starts from Piazza Europa and continues along Via Ruggero di Lauria to Piazza Mancini Battaglia. We recommend you walk it at sunset or with the first light of dawn.

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Sport in Catania: sports activities to do on Etna

skiing snowboarding etna sport in catania

We have already talked about How to reach Etna from Catania and right on the volcano there are plenty of sporting activities you can do that will certainly make your holiday in Catania more special.

The main sports that can be done on Etna are:

  • Skiing and snowboarding: during the winter months, the Etna ski facilities are activated. In the Etna Park, there are 17 km of slopes served by 9 ski lifts. We believe it is one of the few places in the mendo where you can ski while looking at the sea.
  • Soft Trekking: For less experienced hikers who do not want to miss out on the experience of a hike on the slopes of Mount Etna, the sunset soft trekking tour really wonderful.
  • TrekkingFor the more experienced walkers, one of the best sports to do in Catania is volcano trekking. Most of the individual trekking tours last up to six hours and take you on a discovery of fantastic landscapes.
  • Mountain biking: visiting Etna by bike is really one of the experiences we always recommend to our customers who ask us where to do sport in Catania. There are several routes you can take to discover the beauty of the volcano, but we always recommend a professionally organised mountain bike tour so that they are only accompanied on the safest paths.

✅ Tips: Zafferana Etnea, near Catania, is among the most popular Sicilian mountains where you can practice free climbing and enjoy the contact with nature.

Parachuting in Catania and Mount Etna

Launching with the parachute with a breathtaking views of Mount Etna and Catania is priceless. Among the sport in Catania is certainly one of the most extreme but also one of the most popular among those who love this type of adventure. Generally, the jumps are done in tandem, i.e. with an instructor, right in the area of Mount Etna, where from above you can enjoy a wonderful view of the craters. From the centre of Catania it is possible to book this type of experience with groups of real experts. If you love adrenalinskydiving in Catania is worth doing because it will make your sicilian holiday.

Water sports in Catania: what can you do?

Everything! Catania is a seaside city, so the water sports certainly not lacking. Even swimming in the sea is the most popular sport in Catania.

If you love water sports, you can enjoy snorkelling and you can do diving discovering the underwater beauty of Catania. In Catania's waters you can admire the characteristic volcanic rocks, enchanting posidonia expanses, colourful fish, octopuses and urchins. In addition, you can practice body rafting along the Alcantara river and its characteristic gorges and you can venture with kayaking and canoeing and enjoy the adrenaline rushing through your veins. There are many schools or associations that organise this type of sporting activity.

Windsurfing in Catania: all the information

windsurfing in catania

One of the most popular summer sports activities for our customers when they are on holiday is the windsurfing. In Catania it is possible to practice it and really have a lot of fun doing this particular activity. If you want to practise this sport in Catania there are several options such as single lessons or mini-courses of up to 5 lessons and by now all windsurfing clubs in the city offer affordable solutions for tourists.

I prices are very affordable compared to those in other parts of Italy, so it is an activity that we definitely recommend you do. If you don't have the equipment with you to do windsurfing don't worry, you can rent everything you need for this stress-free activity.

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running waterfront sport in catania

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