new year's eve in Catania fireworks concert square
Last updated: 30 November 2023

New Year's Eve in Catania: concert, dinner and events in the squares

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New Year's Eve in Catania is synonymous with events, exhibitions and shows. Ferrini Home guides you through the unmissable activities.

The New Year's Eve in Catania is a magical and festive time, and what could be better than spending it in this picturesque setting? The city, rich in history, culture and traditions, offers experiences  unique for aeeting the new year

In this article, we will explore the Unmissable activities to enjoy New Year's Eve in Catania. And who better than the team Ferrini Home, can guide you through the various initiatives taking place in the city in the run-up to the New Year? 

Let us begin ✨ 🍾

New Year's Eve in Catania: where to sleep?

The first thing to do if you are thinking of spending the New Year's Eve in Catania è book your living room. Our advice is to think in advance about where to sleep after the New Year's Eve dinner or party in the city. Catania is a city that offers so many opportunities during this festivity and is filled with tourists and visitors. 

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Catania is un extraordinary experiencea, which we will make even more special thanks to the hospitality of Ferrini Home. By choosing to spend this special moment in one of the Ferrini Group's curated properties, you will enjoy comfort, style and authenticity. 

Here is an example, this is one of the our flats with terrace located in Via Etnea, in the city centre 👇

new year's eve flat in catania

Like this, all Ferrini Home flats are located in the historic city centre and this will allow you to participate in the main activities in the main square copme in new year's concert or to organise the dinner in a restaurant typical.

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Once the 'problem' on where to sleep in Catania on New Year's Eve, let's see what to do for the city's night out! 

New Year's Eve in Catania: what to do?

If you have decided to spend the New Year's Eve in Cataniayou can be sure you won't get bored. There are lots of activities you can do alone, as a couple or with your family. There are events, exhibitions and shows to suit all tastes.

Here are some ideas for spending New Year's Eve in Catania.

  1. Typical Sicilian Dinner: start your New Year's Eve party with a traditional dinner Sicilianwhere you can enjoy local delicacies and fine wines. The staff at Ferrini Home can recommend the best restaurants in town or you can take a look at the our guide on what to eat in Cataniaalmost all restaurants organise a New Year's Eve dinner.
  2. Christmas Market TourBreathe in the Christmas atmosphere at the Catania Christmas markets. You can organise a tour to explore the Christmas stalls scattered around the city full of handicrafts and culinary delights. You can linger at the stalls until the evening and taste all the New Year's Eve delicacies being prepared in Catania. To find out where the Christmas Markets in Catania are, read on here.
  3. Celebrations in the Piazza del DuomoJoin the lively crowd in the atmospheric Piazza del Duomo to celebrate the countdown. The Ferrini Home staff will be happy to inform you about events scheduled near your accommodation.
  4. Excursion to Mount Etnafor a unique experience, consider an excursion to Mount Etna the first day of the year. Customised excursions can be organised to guarantee a memorable experience.

These were 4 ideas for spending a special New Year's Eve in Cataniabut the events certainly don't end there!

New Year's Concert in Catania 

For many years, one of the highlights of the New Year's Eve in Catania is undoubtedly the concert held in the piazza, involving all inhabitants and visitors in the collective joy of welcoming the New Year. This tradition, particularly heartfelt in Catania, takes place in the city's magnificent historical centre, between Piazza del Teatro Massimo e University Square.

The atmosphere is already inflamed from 10 p.m., when the concert which will accompany the public until midnightthe magical moment when fireworks light up the sky and announce the start of the New Year. Nationally and locally renowned artists take turns on stage, bringing excitement through their performances.

University Square e Piazza Duomo, adjacent to each other, welcome for one night young and old, families and groups of friends, all united by a common desire to have fun and welcome in the New Year in the best possible way.

🍾 Council with a bang: This year, the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania is organising a fantastic New Year Concert. It will be held on Sunday 1 January 19.00. The Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro Massimo Bellini will perform the notes of Johann Strauss, Pietro Mascagni, Giuseppe Verdi and other historical composers.

New Year's Eve dinner in Catania: what to eat?

New Year's Eve dinner in Catania
Photos of cottonbro studio via Pexels

The New Year's Eve in Catania is not only an opportunity to celebrate, but also to delight the palate with local specialities. Visit Catania during this holiday means immersing oneself in a culinary tradition rich in authentic flavours and dishes that tell the history and culture of the city.

At a New Year's Eve dinner in Catania, the real star will be the fish fresh. In particular, the most served dish is the salt cod. From ghiotta, with sauce, potatoes and sultanas, to fried cod or 'Sicilian style,' the options are delicious and represent the perfect combination of tradition and culinary creativity.

This speciality is a tradition that extends from the historical centre, particularly in the Pescheria area in the historic centrewhich in recent years has been filled with truly delicious restaurants, to the picturesque St. Philomena Streetwith its typical taverns and renowned restaurants. These areas, renowned for restaurants, are very close to Piazza Duomo, so making one choose for the New Year's Eve dinner will allow you to attend the concert in the square comfortably after dinner.

When it comes to sweetsCatania offers a wide range of irresistible temptations. From cannoli of all sizes and tastes to the minnuzzi i sant'aitato the sugary martorana fruit and the ever-present cassataeven in winter, the options are endless.

For those who want to dine out, the options are just as inviting, whether on the Catania seafront, at Aci Trezza o Aci Castello or on the slopes of Etna. The restaurants offer typical menus of traditional Catania cuisine, always with a preference for fresh fish for the New Year's Eve dinner.

Traditions are respected and, at midnight, there will be lentils with 'cotechino', a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

We hope you found this guide helpful in organising your New Year's trip to Catania.

We are ready to welcome you and make your New Year's Eve in Catania unforgettable: Book now!

🍾✨ Happy New Year from the entire Ferrini Home team!

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new year's eve in Catania fireworks concert square

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