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Last updated: 7 November 2023

Excursions to Mount Etna: tips from expert guides for a forgettable visit

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Do you want to discover the most authentic wonders of Etna? We recommend two wonderful excursions!

You are going on holiday to Sicily, you are trying to organise some excursions to Mount Etna but do you need advice?

We created this guide just to answer all the questions we are often asked by customers staying at our Suites and Apartments in the centre of Catania  and want to visit Etna without hindrance and stress.

Indeed, every year the enchanting majesty of this Sicilian volcano attracts many visitors, but to enjoy this experience to the fullest, it is important to know, for example, what the best time of year is, how to dress, or who to trust with your visit. In this article, we will provide you with a series of practical advice on how best to tackle your excursions on Etna.  

Whether you are a beginner or a mountain expert, here you will find useful information to ensure you have an extraordinary experience on Europe's highest volcano. Let's not waste any more time on preliminaries: let's start with our tips for visiting Etna! 

Visiting Etna: the 7 tips from experienced Sicilian guides

hiking tips on etna

We want to share with you 7 tips that will help you plan an unforgettable excursion to Mount Etnaguaranteeing you an authentic and unique experience. Find out how best to prepare yourself for this extraordinary adventure starting with the tips we asked real tourism experts in the area.

Going to Mount Etna during your next holiday will be an unforgettable experienceand thanks to these small but fundamental tips. 

Let us begin 🌋

  1. Choose the right seasonBefore planning your excursions to Etna, it is important to consider the season. The two best seasons are winter, during which you can also playing sports like skiing, and spring when the vegetation explodes with beautiful green landscapes. 
  2. Plan your excursion in advance: especially during the high season, do not improvise. If you know you are coming on holiday to Sicily and absolutely want to visit Mount Etna, plan your visit in advance (if you are staying in a flat Ferrini Homeour staff will be happy to help you plan your Etna excursion). 
  3. Take your camera and binoculars with you: don't forget to bring a camera to capture breathtaking views and binoculars to observe Etna's extraordinary flora and fauna up close.
  4. Plan stops for meals and don't forget water: On Etna there are several facilities where you can eat typical dishes, but it is always advisable to make a reservation. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more authentic experience and want to do more trekking, bring your packed lunch and enjoy it in nature. Don't forget to bring water during the hike, you won't find drinking fountains on a volcano!
  5. Make sure you have sun protection: On Etna, even though it is the highest volcano in Europe, the sun beats down quite a bit even in the coldest season. Don't forget to apply high-protection sun cream and to bring sunglasses and a hat. In this way you will be able to enjoy your excursion to Mount Etna without any worries. 
  6. Be well equipped if you want to go trekking: carry a first aid kit, a torch and a spare power-bank phone for emergencies. If you have chopsticks even better, otherwise just use one of the branches found on the ground, kindly offered by nature.
  7. Entrust yourself to an experienced guide: if you do not know the area well, it is advisable to hire an experienced guide. They will know which trails to choose according to the conditions and your experience. We recommend Etnatribea group of professionals who have been organising excursions to Mount Etna for many years, always attentive to the needs of every hiker and who will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

These were the 7 main tips who gave us some experienced Catania guides for visit Etna without problemsi, however, we have not yet talked about one important aspect, namely what clothing to wear for a hike. It is perhaps the question our guests ask us most often, and we answer it in the next section with lots of useful tips. 

How to dress for a hike on Mount Etna?

Clothing ideal for excursions to Mount Etna varies from season to season to cope with different temperatures. Understand how to dress appropriately is essential to ensure a safe and comfortable visit to Etna. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, these tips will help you to fully enjoy this unique experience. So, get ready to discover how to dress for a hike in an intelligent and informed manner.

what to wear hiking on Etna

Here are our tips on how to dress for the excursions to Mount Etna

  • Wear layered clothing: Etna often experiences sudden weather variations, so dress in layers. Even if you start on a sunny day, at a higher altitude it might rain and you need to be prepared. A mackintosh is always good to have. 
  • Make sure you have thermal clothing: carry a thermal windproof rucksack jacket that you can take out if necessary. If you have them, we also recommend waterproof boots, especially in winter. 
  • Wear a hat for the sun or the cold: Whatever season you visit Etna, it is important to have a hat. In summer it will protect you from sunstroke and in winter from the cold and snow, 
  • Wear hiking shoeseven if you are not an enthusiast, take good quality hiking shoes with you. These shoes with non-slip soles will guarantee you a safe walk on uneven ground.
  • Wear light clothes in summer: you will have to cope with the high temperatures, so wear light clothing, a cap and a pair of sunglasses.
  • Do not carry harnesses or torchesThis type of equipment for visiting caves on some trails is generally provided by experienced guides. 
  • Arm yourself with a backpack: for treks always try to keep your hands free and carry all your belongings in a light rucksack. 

🌱Bonus tip: always respect your host environment! Leave the paths you visit on Etna clean! Do not leave rubbish and respect the rules indicated by the local guides. 

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Going to Mount Etna: plan your next adventure

In conclusion, an excursion to Mount Etna is an extraordinary experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. We have explored a number of fundamental tips to ensure an unforgettable visit: from choosing the ideal season, to planning ahead, to appropriate clothing. Knowing these details will allow you to venture out in safety and comfort as you immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Etna. Remember to organise your excursion to Etna right away and rely only on experts!

So, get ready, put on the right clothing and set off on an extraordinary adventure on Etna. And don't forget, Ferrini Home staff is at your disposal to help you organise your next stay in Catania. Our suites and flats are located in the heart of the city of Catania and are the perfect solution for those looking for classy yet comfortable accommodation to enjoy the beauty of Sicily without stress. 

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excursions to etna

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