erupting volcano to see on etna excursions from catania
Last updated: 9 August 2023

Etna excursions from Catania: which one to choose, transport and itinerary

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If you are in Sicily and staying in the city of the Elephant, you cannot miss one of the Etna excursions from Catania.

Etna is one of the most beautiful and unique treasures of Sicily and all of Italy, with its ancient craters, indescribable landscapes, signs of volcanic eruptions and peculiar vegetation.

To set out to discover this magical place, however, you must have a clear idea of the route to take, what means of transport to take and How to reach Mount Etna from the centre of Catania.

Don't stress even on holiday, for organising your next Etna excursionjust follow the advice we have gathered in this guide.

Etna excursions from Catania: which one to choose?

Every year, thousands of tourists are fascinated by the Sicilian volcano and its landscapes, and we can say that it is an essential stop for every traveller. That is why there are so many organised tours and excursions that allow tourists to safely visit the nature site of the Etna Park.

But which one should you choose? Our advice is to rely on tours organised only by professionals, such as Etna Tribe which organises the ones we recommend and which will allow you to experience a real local experience in the discovery of Etna's treasures.

Of the Etna excursions from Catania proposed, the best are two: the Etna Nature and Flavours excursion e Etna Sunset Hike. Let's find out together:

Etna Natura Excursion

This excursion is dedicated to those who want to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the volcanic landscape, such as the craters of Etnaand discover all the secrets of its marvellous vegetation. The path followed with the guides will take you to enjoy the most authentic wonders that Etna volcano holds, such as the Crateri Silvestri or the sites of the most recent eruptions where you can admire the remains of the lava flows

The route involves achieving almost 2000 metres which offer a breathtaking view of the sea. It also continues with a guided tour in a volcanic cave, a truly unique experience. The hike starts from Rifugio Sapienza, which you can easily reach from the centre of Catania by transfer or bus. The Etna nature excursion departs daily from Catania. 

Etna excursions from Catania at sunset

This is the right outing for the romantics or for those who want to enjoy the volcano landscape from a different perspective. The first stop on the tour is actually a local company that offers a tasting of typical Sicilian products. Then we continue by exploring the wonders of Etnathrough the lava flow cave, lava flows from the latest eruptions until reaching the Sapienza Refuge. At sunset, your guide will point out a magical place from where you can admiring a beautiful Etnean sunset. Seeing the sun set among the black rocks of the volcano is an experience that only excursions to Mount Etna can give you. 

Le Etna excursions  we have pointed out to you are those that guests of our facilities Ferrini Home, Apartments and Suites in Cataniaappreciate more. They are unique experiences that enrich the spirit because we know that similar landscapes are not easily found. Our guests are really enchanted by the charm of Etna's landscapes and we are sure you will be too. But we are not done with our tips, we still have a few tidbits to help you organise your next visit to Etna.

Etna cable car: how does it work?

A'Etna excursion from Catania that you can easily organise is also the one in Cableway. Flying over the side of a volcano is truly a unique experience and, fortunately, on Etna it is possible to do so. La Etna Cable Car part every day from the forecourt of the Rifugio Sapienza (altitude 1900 metres) and reaches an altitude of 2500 metres. From the top you can observe the remains of lava flows, extinct craters and have a breathtaking view of the sea. Obviously, you are not allowed to go to the top of the volcano without an authorised volcanological guide, but even at that altitude there are very interesting things to see, such as a 2001 crater, which can be reached in 30 minutes from the cable car stop. 

The trip on the Etna Cable Car lasts approximately 15 minutes on the outward journey and 15 minutes on the return. You will have plenty of time to take photos from above. The Etna Sud cable car is open every dayalso on Sundays and public holidays from 08.45 to 16.10. The last descent with the cable car is at 15.50, even in high season times may vary, so always inform yourself of the time of the last ride. 

If you have already finished visiting all the other things to see in Cataniawe really recommend this ride on Etna Cable Car. But now let's see how to get to Etna from Catania. 

Catania - Etna: how to get there? Transports

La city of Catania offers several ways to get there on Etna comfortably. The distance from the city centre to the slopes of the volcano is about 50 minutes, but it also depends on where you want to go. 

Let's see which are the most used and most comfortable transports to get to Mount Etna from Catania.

Public transport - Bus

Many tourists choose the public transport to reach Etna from the city centre. The AST (Sicilian Transport Association) company offers a bus service round trip to Etna. The race starts from Catania Central Station (Pope John XXIII Square) and arrives at the Sapienz Refugea, the place from which most of the tours and excursions on Etna start. The duration of the trip is approximately 2 hours

The timetables are quite limited, in fact, there is one run per day with departure from Piazza Giovanni XXIII scheduled for 8.15 am and arrival at Rifugio Sapienza at 10.15 am. The return journey departs from Etna at 16:30. The ticket costs 6.60 euro and can be purchased from authorised dealers in the area, such as bars and tobacconists around the station, and is sold directly on the bus on Sundays. This option is chosen by tourists who decide to do Etna day trips from Catania


Another way to reach Mount Etna from Catania is by the machine. Tourists often rent a car to get around Sicily and this is a good alternative to public transport. As for bus transport, we recommend you follow the road to the Sapienza Refuge and from there depart for excursions to Mount Etna with professional guides. From Catania centre the route up to Refugio is long approximately 35 km and it takes approximately 50 minutes

The itinerary will take you on a discovery of villages of Etna's southern slope. Among the advantages of going with your own car is certainly freedom in schedules but consider that all guided tours start early, so don't go to Etna too late or in the afternoon if you want to do one. 

Transfer with pick-up from Catania 

This last proposal is certainly the most comfortable. Choose a transfer will allow you to leave and return at a convenient time, without having to think about parking, and most importantly, will be able to pick you up and take you directly back to the hotel, B&B or flat in the centre of Catania in which you are staying. You can experience Etna without worries and participate in the excursions without having to adhere to fixed timetables.  

The staff of Ferrini Home always organises this type of service for its guests and if you stay in our facilities we will be very happy to find the best solution for your Etna excursion with you. Our suites and flats are found in the beating heart of Catania and are the perfect solution for those looking for a classy accommodation but also very convenient to savour the beauty of Sicily without stress. 

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erupting volcano to see on etna excursions from catania

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