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Last updated: 8 March 2024

Catania Airport parking and connections to the city centre: all the info

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Do you want information on parking at Catania airport and all connections to the city centre? We have created this ad hoc guide. Ferrini Home accompanies you in your discovery of Catania, shall we start? 🐘♥️

You want information on the parking at Catania airport and on all links to the city centre? We have created this ad hoc guide that can help you in theorganising your trip to Catania.

We will explore all the available solutions for parking at the airport and connecting with the centre of Catania, providing useful tips and valuable indications to better plan your trip.

Ferrini Home accompanies you in the discovery of Catania, shall we begin? 🐘♥️

Official Catania Airport car park: indoor spaces

Inside theCatania Airport there are official paid parking areasi.e. managed by the airport itself, which are located a few metres from the entrance to the terminals.

In order to enter the car parks, it is necessary to collect a ticket at the entrance kiosk or possess a magnetic season ticket card.

There are 6 car parks within the airport:

  • P1 Short Break: free for stays up to 2 hours | free up to 15 minutes| € 2.00 the first hour| 50 metres from Terminal A| 270 metres from Terminal C
  • P2 Short Break: free for stays up to 2 hours| free up to 15 minutes| € 2.00 the first hour| 30 metres from Terminal A| 330 metres from Terminal C
  • P3 Short Break: free for stays up to 2 hours | free up to 15 minutes | € 2.00 the first hour | 20 metres from Terminal A| 50 metres from Terminal C
  • P4 Low Cost Stop: for stays over 2 hours | € 8.00 per day | 200 metres from Terminal A| 100 metres from Terminal C
  • P5 Short Break: free for stops up to 2 hours | free up to 15 minutes | € 2.00 the first hour | 180 metres from Terminal A | 20 metres from Terminal C
  • P6 Long Stop: the closest and most convenient | € 10.00 per day | 70 metres from Terminal A | 200 metres from Terminal C

On the official Catania Airport website you can find the parking map.

The payment of the parking fee must be made before returning your carusing the available cash machines, accepting cash, credit or debit cards.

I car parks are open 24 hours a dayevery day of the year, including public holidays. But it is important to remember that the car parks are not guarded and that the airport does not take responsibility for damage, theft or any other eventuality that may happen to the parked vehicle.

⏱️Attenzione: free exit from the car parks must take place within 30 minutes after the ticket has been issued.

Catania Airport car park: the external car parks

Around Catania airport, there are several options of car parks managed by private individuals offering services at competitive rates. These car parks may offer benefits such as free shuttles to the terminal, custodian services and car washing. Rates vary significantly depending on the service offered and the season. Often, by booking online, it is possible to access discounts and special offers that make these alternatives even more advantageous.

Here are some points to consider when choosing the best car park near Catania airport:

  • Duration of parking: first define the duration of your parking and ask for a quote. Rates can vary considerably between short and long stays.
  • Proximity to the terminal: Consider how important proximity to the terminal is for you. Official car parks are generally closer, but you may find better value for money with off-airport car parks that offer shuttle service.
  • Additional services: assess which extra services you want, such as car washing or custody.
  • Advance booking: try to book your parking space in advance. Many facilities offer discounted rates for early bookings.
  • Read the reviews: before booking, read reviews of car parks to ensure their reliability and quality of service.

Parking at Catania Fontanarossa Airport

This is what people living in Catania generally use. It is a huge car park provided by the AMT and costs relatively little: only 3.50 euro per day. You can reach it from heretake your ticket before entering and leave your car. A free shuttle, which runs every 10 minutes, will take you to the airport.

On your return, simply take the shuttle bus, again in front of the arrivals area of Fontanarossa airport, which will take you back to the car park. All you have to do is insert your ticket in the machines, pay (in cash or by card), take the car and leave the car park. Convenient and inexpensive.

Alibus buses to and from Catania airport: all the info

The Alibus was introduced to facilitate the transfers from Catania airport and to date is one of the faster and more convenient methods to reach the airport from central Catania and vice versa. Departing from the airport, the Alibus passes through key locations in the city, including the railway station, important squares and areas of tourist interest. This route allows you to reach the Catania places of interest from the airport without stress.

🕒The Alibus service starts at 04:40 with the last race at the 00:30 the following dayensuring a departure frequency of every 25 minutes.

💰The Alibus ticket costs 4 euros per ride and can be bought directly on the bus.

Catania buses to and from the airport: all routes

In addition to the Alibus line connectinga the airport with the city centre, there are other bus routes that from the airport help you reach several places. These lines provide convenient access to many municipalities on the island, facilitating travel for both residents and tourists.

The main companies offering transport services from the airport include:

  • A.S.T. (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti): connects the airport with numerous localities, including Avola, Caltagirone, Carlentini and many others.
  • Circumetnea: unique for its route around Etna, it offers connections to Adrano, Misterbianco, Paternò, Randazzo, and other neighbouring localities.
  • Etna Transport: provides connections to destinations such as Aidone, Gela, Giardini Naxos, and Taormina, among others.
  • Juntabus: provides a direct line to the port of Milazzo, from where ferries to the Aeolian Islands depart. This service is particularly appreciated by those who intend to visit these islands and land in Catania.
  • Interbus and SAIS TransportThey offer connections to several Sicilian cities, including important centres such as Syracuse, Agrigento, and Palermo. Thanks to these buses you can also easily reach and visit Taormina. SAIS Autolinee extends its network to Palermo, Termini Imerese, and the Sicilia Outlet Village.

Taxi airport Catania: numbers and service

If you prefer customised transport or have special requirements you can use the taxi service. The airport by Catania also has a taxi service, with vehicles easily recognisable by their white colour and the word 'TAXI' on the roof.

Unlike public transport, which follows fixed timetables and routes, you can book your taxi from Catania airport at any time and can take you exactly where you want to go, following the fastest route.

☎️I numbers to call for the service are: Radio taxi: +39 095 330966 | Night service: +39 095 386794

Catania Airport Station: where is it and how does it work?

La nearest train stop to Catania airport is Fontanarossa directly connected to the airport via an AMTS shuttle. Like the Alibus, it is a very convenient and fast connection to the city centre of Catania. If you don't want to take the shuttle bus, you could also walk to the airport from Fontanarossa station, the journey is about 600 metres but we don't recommend it.

La Fontanarossa' shuttlesuch as the 'Alibus' bus leave from the first lane outside the Arrivals Area - Terminal A.

🕒 The shuttle from Fontanarossa station to the airport starts every 10 minutes, from 4,30 at 22.40.

💰Il cost of the shuttle is 1 eurowhile the train ticket is to be purchased directly through the state railways. It is also possible to buy a single integrated train/shuttle ticket. so you can do everything in one go without stress.

Car rental in Catania Airport: how does it work?

rental catania airport

The car rental at Catania Fontanarossa Airport represents a convenient and flexible solutionand for those arriving in the city, whether for business or pleasure. There are plenty of car rental agencies at Catania airport and you can easily find the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Catania Fontanarossa Airport hosts the offices of numerous car rental agenciesincluding well-known names such as Ecovia, Goldcar Rental, Locauto, Autovia, Maggiore, Interrent, Italy Car Rent, Sicily By Car, Firefly, Alamo, Avis, and Hertz. This wide variety ensures that you can easily find a car rental solution that meets your needs, from low cost to luxury, from sedan to SUV.

The cost of car rental in Catania can vary considerably depending on the season, vehicle type and rental duration. On average, a daily cost of approximately €29 can be expectedwith a total cost for a week's rental of around €200. However, we advise you to check current offers, as many operators offer special rates, early booking discounts or promotional packages that can make the rental even cheaper.

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catania airport parking connections

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