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Last updated: 17 January 2024

Areas to visit in Catania: 5 places off the usual tourist routes

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Have you already planned or are planning a visit to Sicily but do not know that areas to visit in Catania? Don't want to follow too standard tourist tours? We at Ferrini Homewith our flats in the heart of the city, we thought of this guide to recommend areas to visit in Catania often little frequented by tourists but worth visiting.

Shall we start? But first... if you haven't booked yet where to sleep in Catania, the Ferrini Home are the perfect choice for those who wish to experience Catania in an exclusive and comfortable way, combining the pleasure of refined design with the convenience of a strategic location.

🌋 Welcome to Catania, a city where history is intertwined with Sicilian tradition, and where every corner tells a unique story. Ready to discover the best (and most unusual) areas to visit in Catania? Now we begin this journey into the heart of the city for real!

5 Areas to visit in Catania and where to stay in each area

In this article, we will explore the Catania's most fascinating and unmissable areasoffering not only a guide to the main attractions, but also advice on where to stay. For each area described, we will indicate the structure signed Ferrini Home more convenient and closerguaranteeing you a comfortable, stylish and practical stay. Whether you are looking for a flat in the heart of the historic centre, close to enchanting beaches, or in the city's most vibrant and cultural areas, Ferrini Home has the perfect solution to make your stay in Catania unforgettable.

Let's see what these are 5 areas to visit in Catania that perhaps no one has advised you yet!

1. Port of Catania and the small port of Ognina (Port of Ulysses)

Usually the harbour area is not an attractive tourist destination, but the Port of Catania worth visiting especially if you get there by boat, but what you really can't miss is the quaint Marina of Ognina. Let us proceed in order.

The Port of Catania is a pulsating place of life and activity, a perfect example of how the city has managed to fuse its rich maritime history with dynamic modernity. This port, overlooking the Ionian Sea, is not only a major commercial hubbut also a meeting point for the citizens and the tourists. Here you can stroll around admiring the boats, taste delicious fresh fish dishes in local restaurants or simply enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Etna.

port catania areas to visit

A short distance from the main port is Ulysses Harbour, known as the Marina di Ogninalocated in the picturesque cliffs of Catania. This small port of call, steeped in history and modernity, offers a unique experience between the wonders of old Catania and contemporary entertainment. The village of Ognina, where the marina is located, has a fascinating history, linked to an ancient river and a lava flow of 1381 which transformed the landscape and the history of the place.

Today, the Ognina is one of the most popular destinations for both Catanese and tourists, thanks to its lively atmospherethe numerous attractions and the breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea. This area, with its mix of history, culture and natural beautyis a perfect example of Catania's uniqueness and charm, which can be explored from its historic port.

The Port of Catania Ognina is easily accessible from the elegant flats of Ferrini Homand, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the vibrancy and charm of this historic part of the city ⤵️

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2. Piazza Teatro Massimo area

Piazza Teatro Massimo is a crossroads of culture and entertainment in the heart of Catania. Dominated by the theatre of the same name, this square is an open-air stage where art, music and history blend harmoniously. The Massimo Bellini Theatrewith its impressive architecture and rich programme of operas, concerts and performances, attracts visitors from all over the world. The square is also a popular meeting point for the Catanese, who meet here for a coffee, a walk or to participate in cultural events that often animate the space.

areas to visit teatro massimo catania

Visiting this area also means organising a tour inside the Teatro Massimo. You can explore the wonders of Catania's Bellini Theatre, Tuesday to Saturday, thanks to a dedicated service of guided tours. These tours, available in the mornings, offer an in-depth tour that includes the Stalls, Stage Orders, the Royal Box and the Foyer. Tickets for the tours can be purchased directly at the theatre entrance.

The flats by Ferrini Homewithin walking distance, offer the perfect base for exploring and enjoying the cultural wonders this square has to offer ⤵️

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3. Lungomare Catania area

The Catania seafront is one of the most impressive walks the city has to offer. Along this coastal strip, golden beaches, lava cliffs and a lively seaside promenade alternate, ideal for those who want to breathe in the fresh sea air. During the day, the sun shines brightly, reflecting off the waves, while in the evening, the atmosphere becomes romantic and relaxing with its venues offering delicious cuisine and live music. The waterfront is the perfect place for lovers of sportswith its cycle paths and areas for the joggingbut also for those looking for a quiet moment, perhaps sitting on a bench admiring the horizon.

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The flats by Ferrini Homelocated a short distance away, offer the ideal retreat after a day of natural beauty and waterfront activities ⤵️

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4. Zona San Berillo Catania

san berillo catania areas to visit

San Berillolocated a short distance from the lively Via Etnea in the centre of Catania, is a historic district known for its complex past and recent renaissance. The streets of San Berillo are a mosaic of old shops, contemporary art galleries, trendy cafés and restaurants serving traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Abandoned and ruined buildings have been revived with murals e artistic projects. In addition, the investment of young entrepreneurs has transformed San Berillo into a meeting point for Catania's movida, attracting the attention of tourists and locals who can now appreciate its rediscovered beauty and new spirit.

Staying in a flat by Ferrini Home neighbourhood means immersing oneself in a unique atmosphere, where Catania's past and present meet. ⤵️

🏡📍Etnea Heritage Residence: two flats located in a 20th century building in the heart of Via Etnea, which has always been the centre of culture and now also of Catanese nightlife. (Via Etnea, 248, Catania) 📲Book Now

5. Catania's squares to visit

Le squares of Catania are real jewels set in the urban fabric, places of encounter, culture and history. Each square has its own unique identity and tells a part of the city's rich history.

We start our tour from Piazza Stesicoroone of the beating hearts of Catania. Famous for hosting the rsheep in the Roman Amphitheatre, this square is a perfect example of how the past and present intertwine in the daily life of the city. Its adjacent streets are lined with shops and cafés, making it an ideal place for a stroll.

Continuing on, we arrive at "Dante" squaredominated by the imposing Benedictine Monastery and the church of San Nicolò l'Arena. This square is an oasis of tranquillity and beauty, where the majestic architecture blends with the serenity of the surrounding gardens.

La Piazza del Duomo is the symbolic heart of Catania. With its magnificent Cathedral of St Agatha and the famous fountain of the Elephantsymbol of the city, this square is a must for every visitor. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the streets and alleys of the old town.

Piazza TrentoIt is small, but there is a little kiosk that makes delicious Nutella milkshakes. If you're on the way, stop by.

Finally, Europe Square represents the modern face of Catania. This spacious square, with its fountains and green spaces, is an example of how the city has evolved, becoming a meeting point for residents and offering a variety of commercial and leisure activities.

Each of these squares offers a different perspective on Catania, combining history, culture and modern life, making each visit a unique and unforgettable experience. For visiting all the city's main squares we advise you to staying in the historic centre where you will find most of the facilities signed Ferrini Home ⤵️

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These were the five most unusual and often off the beaten track areas to visit in Catania. Of course, we also recommend visiting the historic city centre and the Catania's main attractions to get to know this wonderful land better!

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